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FREE Dial-up  Opportunity
provided by UK Trading


We shall soon be providing business strength/speed Broadband connections. Please contact us for details


Provide your friends, family or  business customers with an 0845 local call rate internet dial-up service. 

We have opened up our radius server to accept dial-up  requests without verifying user names and passwords, so you can now offer an internet dial-up service that looks like you, or your business is the dial-up service provider.

Use our 0845 local call  rate numbers
No signup necessary - Just use it!

Use any user name &  password combination

i.e. User name: Yourbusinessname + any password

Up to  56k 0845 120 7975
64k  ISDN 0845 120 6728
128k ISDN 0845 121 1813

If you, or the person you are setting up are unsure about creating a dial-up networking connection manually,  then use the Auto Dial-up Configuration File Maker below to  create a file that can be run on a computer to automatically  set up dial-up networking with your dial-up service.


This utility will create an Auto Configuration file (.ins) that can be downloaded and used to automatically set up dial-up networking on a  computer with your branded dial-up service. Click on the links below to download the set up file.

Standard Modem up to 56k
64k ISDN
128k ISDN
Use this facility to create a Dial-up Networking '.ins'  file, with which you can automatically set up your computer with a dial-up service.



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