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Cumbria Open For Business Bespoke PC Systems

Cumbria Open For Business Bespoke PC Systems

Components in our systems are very carefully specified and matched to deliver high reliability. Unlike many of the indifferent system suppliers we watch come and go, we know that the costliest system to both customer and vendor is a system made of cheap unreliable parts. All components of our machines are the latest versions, We do not hold stock reserves so the machine you buy has not sat in a warehouse or shop ageing as many do. This ensures inclusion of the latest features and greatest upgradeability path. All this coupled with a 3 year Return to Base warranty offers peace of mind and a comfortable ownership. 

We will supply quality bespoke systems, or part systems to any specification you desire and will even incorporate any preferred or existing components you may possess. We are happy to discuss your requirements and offer unbiased advice. please ring or email for a personalised quotation.



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